Is a tooth or are several teeth missing?

Would you prefer a clear smile instead of a gap between your teeth?

Are you looking for a quick and cost-effective solution without a visit to the dentist?

Do you cover your mouth when laughing or do you no longer laugh?

Are you ashamed in your circle of family and friends?

Attention: If you are afraid of the dentist or if you feel ashamed of your missing teeth, we offer the solution!

If you are not happy with your current tooth condition, this is the possibility to improve your quality of life!

It makes no difference whether a tooth is missing in the upper or lower jaw or even several teeth are missing.

The substance of the cosmetic tooth kit consists of a thermoplastic synthetic material that can easily be formed to a tooth with the help of warm water. The thermoplastic synthetic material is a high-quality dental product, tested in a lab and biodegradable. This product was especially developed to fill aesthetically your

gap between the teeth and to give you a new and beautiful smile.

Used properly, a very realistic tooth can be reproduced. Moreover, it is favorably priced and easily to order. The cosmetic tooth is not only long-lasting in other words custom-fit but can also easily be taken out. 

The tooth color can be determined by yourself so that it perfectly matches your own tooth color.

Highest naturalness can be guaranteed. Our detailed instructions for use guide you through the procedure step by step.


The best thing about it is that the cosmetic tooth kit only costs £ 16.95! £ 16.95 enable you a new life full of smiles.


Our product is not a medical or dental product. The cosmetic tooth kit is designed exclusively for cosmetic application. 

A cosmetic tooth kit 20+ consists of:

1x thermoplastic material (for the preparation of about 20 cosmetic teeth)

1x clear and detailed instructions for use

Price: £ 16.95 instead of £ 26.95

(Shipping costs: £ 4.20 )

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A cosmetic tooth kit 30+ consists of:

1x thermoplastic material (for the preparation of about 30 cosmetic teeth)

1x clear and detailed instructions for use

Price: £ 24.95 instead of £ 34.95

(Shipping costs: £ 4.20 )

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Customer reference:


I am convinced by the product. It is a good product at a fair price and actually works. 


I tried the cosmetic

tooth kit. It looks good and is comfortable


It is an excellent product.


A big thank you! I can smile and laugh again and enjoy my life to the full! 


My friends were sceptical because it is so favourably priced!

But it works! 


It looks good. The first thing I will do on Monday….

Finding a new job…


It looks very natural and my family and friends are delighted. 


The tooth creation was very simple.


The cosmetic tooth kit is not suitable for persons with a synthetic allergy.

The cosmetic tooth kit is not suitable for children.

We recommend not using the tooth kit for gabs that are larger than a single tooth.


Nevertheless, we recommend regular visits to the dentist in order to make sure that your teeth are healthy. We strongly advise you to use our products limited in time as they exclusively serves the cosmetic purpose.