Why was the tooth kit developed?

The cosmetic tooth kit was developed in order to create a cosmetic tooth for a gap between the teeth.

How do I create such a cosmetic tooth?

The supplied thermoplastic material and the clear and detailed instructions for use help you creating your cosmetic tooth within 10 minutes. Heat up the thermoplastic material and model your perfect tooth and determine its shape. No special tools are required for the creation of the cosmetic tooth.

Are the cosmetic teeth suitable for children?

No, the cosmetic teeth are only developed for adults.

What kind of material is used?

The cosmetic tooth is made out of thermoplastic material – a high-quality dental product! It is tested in a lab and biodegradable. Persons who are allergic to synthetics should not use that product.

Is the cosmetic tooth kit suited for both – upper and lower jaw?

Yes, the cosmetic tooth kit can be used for every missing tooth -.in the upper and lower jaw.

Can I replace more than one single tooth?

Yes, you can replace more than one single tooth as long as you do not have two missing teeth next to each other. 

Is it possible to adjust the color of the cosmetic tooth to one’s own tooth color?

Yes, you can adjust the tooth color to your own. The instructions for use tell you how it works.

Can I eat and drink with the cosmetic tooth?

No, you cannot eat and drink with the cosmetic tooth. However, some of our clients told us that they have found a way to do so. We would like to point out again that the cosmetic tooth is no dental prosthesis (denture, crown, dental bridge, etc.). It is only designed for cosmetic purposes. We recommend you to remove the cosmetic tooth when eating and drinking.

Do I have to remove the cosmetic tooth before going to bed?

Yes, I have to remove the cosmetic tooth before going to bed as the tooth can be swallowed while sleeping.

Does the cosmetic tooth sits firmly into the gab?

Yes, it does. Thanks to your own teeth on the left and right side (wedge effect), the cosmetic tooth is maintained in position. Therefore, the application of adhesive toothpaste is not required.

How long can I use a cosmetic tooth?

When properly treated, the cosmetic tooth can be used several months.

How many teeth can I create out of a tooth kit?

You can create about 20 teeth.

Can I use the thermoplastic tooth in order to fill caries cavities?

No, the cosmetic tooth was especially developed in order to fill a gap of a missing tooth and not to fill a caries cavity. Nevertheless, some customers report about such a use and continue to report about a success and a good appearance.

How much are the shipping costs?

Shipping costs: £ 4,20

How can I pay the ordered cosmetic tooth kit?

Payments can be done via PayPal, cash in advance or by credit card.

What is the delivery time?

The delivery time amounts as a rule 2 to 6 working days.

Do you have any questions?

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate and contact us any time:

[email protected]

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